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Playing is essential for the overall development of the child. This period is very crucial in a child's life. Playing ensures that the child reacts, participates actively in his overall surroundings. Going out to play are playing inside the home ensures that your kids learn to co-operate with their friends since childhood. A well-designed playground leaves a lot of scope for imagination for your kids. We at Saturn Fibre are a leading manufacturer in Jharkhand of not only playground & play school equipment, that will keep your children engaged and active, but also school table & chairs that are colored and decorated to make your tiny-tots interested in studying a bit.

Saturn Fibre are experts in not only outdoor playing equipment but also, indoor play equipment so that you can clearly watch over your kids while being engaged in household chores. Also, indoor play equipment helps your bonding with your kid in a very safe and secure environment. The best part is, you can customize the equipment according to the age and requirement of your child. Our main products include outdoor play school equipment, indoor playing equipment, FRP cabin, animal art dustbin, and outdoor gym equipment. Now, use in case you are wondering why us, take a look at the features of our products.

Child-Friendly Material Used
Parents are often worried about the quality of plastic that is used in manufacturing the products, at Saturn Fibre we ensure that the play equipment is made out of safe and child-friendly materials that you can completely rely on.

Taking care of your budget is our priority, we provide various services like, play school design and development, and annual maintenance of park equipment, these are well fitted according to your budget.

Intricate Design
We keep in mind about the steady progress of your toddlers, so out equipment is specialized in design keeping in mind with the mental and physical growth of your kids. Our indoor playing equipment for the kids come with easily adjustable heights that you can change according to the growth of your kids. Also, you can assemble the parts so easily without any help making it user-friendly.

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